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Aveiro, City of Canals

The water that flows through the main waterways of Aveiro is the mirror of the City. The Canal dos Botirões, the Canal Central, the Canal do Côjo, the Canal das Pirâmides, the Canal de São Roque and the Canal do Paraíso flow. A primordial element of the personality of the Municipality of Aveiro, the Ria flows, which are lined up in narrow branches, owe their formation to the economy of salt exploration and impose themselves with singular grace on the urban landscape. They punctuate it with liquid landscapes, which reflect, just like colorful and soft watercolors, the people, buildings and moliceiro boats, these brightly colored marine vehicles that, once destined to harvest molice, sargassum, travel through these veins of anatomy. urban, giving them life and movement.

Aveiro is also the privileged setting for exemplary Belle Époque buildings, with their route already identified.

It is along this line of Ria that one can glimpse the wealth of Art Nouveau buildings (early 20th century), such as the Art Nouveau Museum itself and the Tea House, clear symbols of how the City was receptive to innovation and modernity.

Contemplating the rich built heritage of Aveiro is, above all, traveling through the history of art and architecture of the country, a highlight in addition to the Aveiro/Santa Joana Museum, the Arte Nova Museum, the City Museum and the Ecomuseum Marinha da Troncalhada.